Smart Grid

We offer smart intelligence analytics products to make power delivery efficient, cut transmission losses, reduce peak time consumption, curtail outages and identify its causes

Smart Building

Our solution transforms the energy utilization and asset management processes. We produce better power consumption analysis patterns, better integration of the sensors, structured analyzing & machine learning algorithms and massive data crunching systems for real-time alerts and proactive management

Device 360

We help increase asset efficiency by reducing unplanned breakdowns, Identify event patterns preventing future events, Enhance and speed up the predictive asset servicing process by providing critical device information.

Maturity Assessment

What is the smart meters installation phase in your company ?

Installed for every household in your network
Installed in atleast one city
Started pilot project in small locality
None of the above

Have you explored the use cases, areas where pilot can be started ?

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Your area ready to transform your traditional grid to smart grid- initial phase.
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which can improve financial efficency of your organization.

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Your have a traditional grid.
You may like to see this page for the advantages of smart grid and
how some of our products can improve financial efficiency of your organization.

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Can you identify the real time outages at last mile with absolutely zero time lag ?

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Can your system automatically locate the outages, even if it happens after DTR level ?

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Do you have the exact real time information of tamper in a household ?

Yes No

Do you have information about real time consumption of every individual customer ?

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Case Study

Asset 360

Asset 360

Devices connected to internet are expected to reach 26 billion globally by 2020. Actionable insights into assets are definitely a competitive edge. Electric Equipment failure and inefficiency leads to revenue leakages and safety issues. Companies lose up to $15 million due to equipment failures. CerebraTM Asset 360 helps companies fix these issues and reduced equipment failure incidents.

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Infra Smart

In addition to driving profitability, companies are taking additional measures to prevent unwanted loss due to inefficiency of energy and assets in their premises. Energy cost accounts to almost 30 % of the total operational cost of the buildings in the US. In most of the buildings, variety of data is collected at various touch points. The amount of data getting generated is enormous and is collected in real time. Inability to visualize this data accurately resulted in most of the energy being inefficiently used. The data drivers have opened up plethora of options for integration to improve performance and safety of buildings.

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Transmission Losses

In order to curtail operational cost reduction in Aggregate Technical & Commercial losses (AT&C) is the top priority of every distribution company in India. An AT&C loss in India in the period of 2011-12 was 34% and hence AT&C losses are the most momentous source of revenue leakage for a utility company. Flutura recognized the opportunity to curtail the AT&C losses and transform the Grid optimization process.

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